A Travelogue

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Last night I went and saw Stuart McLean do some readings from the Vinyl Cafe. He mentioned that he also solicits stories from listeners as long as they're short and true, and then he relayed the following story.

A couple were holidaying in the Grand Bahamas and decided to go parasailing. They were taken by boat to a barge anchored far from shore. After a brief introduction the first person was fitten into the parasail harness.

"When the speedboat passes the barge it will be at full speed. Simply step off the barge and you will be whisked up into the air."

It was immediately obvious to everyone that the speedboat driver was a novice. The first parasailer, a woman, was dragged underwater for a few yards before the boat got up enough speed to be pulled out and up.

"I was next," said the man, "and I wasn't at all worried when I too was dragged underwater for a few yards. In fact, I was quite enjoying the rush of water. What I failed to take into account, though, was what effect the rushing water would have on my bathing suit. I felt it slide down my hips and even though I tried to lock my legs, it slid past my knees. In the blink of an eye it was gone. In the next split second I was airborne.

"There I was in my full naked glory for all of the Grand Bahamas to see."