A Travelogue

Sunday, October 28, 2012

 Grant was just too small for the life jacket. And his hat indicated he wasn't taking this seriously at all. We reminded him about Costa, but he didn't care.

Grant slept round the clock last night.  Right after dinner, he conked out and didn’t stir again ‘til this morning.  He even sleept through the time change which gave him an extra hour.  So this morning he was very keen to start exploring the ship.  The first place he headed was the Casino and he couldn’t be talked away from it, at least until he heard there was a grand piano nearby.   So he decided to entertain the crowd with a lively rendition of Boogie  Woogie Ragtime Blues.

In other news, it's windy and rainy in Venice and has been for a few days.  As a result, there's flooding in St. Mark's Square and they have put up elevated walkways for the tourists.  So, since we've seen Venice before in nicer weather,  we decided to spend the day on the ship and just relax.