A Travelogue

Monday, April 06, 2009

Lovely Phoenix

Truly, everythinig Vanessa ever said about Phoenix and Mesa is true.

Today I'm sitting in her friends' backyard listening to the water cascade over the rocks and tumble clear and cool into their pool. Bruce and Vanessa are golfing with Hans and some other friends on the golf course right beside me. I see the carts roll by as I alternate between the sun adn shade and occasionally dip into the water for relief. The wind is surprisingly cool but it's glorious in the sun with my 45 sunblock. This northern white skin isn't ready for sustained sun yet.

The sky is hot blue and the only colour comes from the occasional high altitute jet leaving a sharp white contrail in its wake.

I'm sitting by the 8th hole, and in about an hour I'll be playing Beer Wench as my group comes by on their carts. Isn't life grand.