A Travelogue

Thursday, May 31, 2007

September in Spain

I'm so happy.

After looking at the logistics of our trip to Spain in September, after which Hans is walking the Camino de Santiago http://www.caminodesantiago.me.uk/ it looked awkward. And we weren't on the same page regarding a holiday. I want a week in the sun by the sea and the other week is optional. Hans doesn't want to veg out so close to his walk since he's training hard right now (walked 14 miles = 23 K yesterday, and golfing today where he also walks).

So, we decided he'd go by himself to Spain and do his walk, and I'd do something else. I invited Teddy to go for a cruise, and we'll do that probably in early January. However, there's more.

I went online to the Princess site and lo and behold, they have a 12 and 29 day cruise out of Barcelona leaving September 26. http://www.princess.com/pb/itineraryDetails.do?voyageCode=E725A&tourCode=&date=0907&noOfPax=2&resType=C&definition_name=


Hans will leave a couple of weeks earlier for Spain, probably in mid August to make sure he's done by September 26. We'll meet up in Barcelona on the ship. I would have been happy with the 12 day cruise, but luckily Hans loves cruising so we're going to do the 29 day version which delivers us to Ft. Lauderdale on October 26th.

Retirement is going to be great.