A Travelogue

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Piano has left the Building

Recently Favourite Dotter asked for the piano. She really misses it. Enough actually to pay for its transport to her place. For us, it's just a piece of furniture that holds photos and candles, so we shipped it down to her but it left a huge gap in the living room. And of course no place to put photos and candles.

We asked her to pick up 3 black floating shelves at IKEA but the large shelf doesn't come in black, only brown/black. It's a nice colour, but definitely not black and didn't match the other two so hubby spray painted them all to match. Nice, eh?

Great Weather

Just like last year, the weather in Canmore was terrific. Blue sky and sunshine. Perfect!

Opa, Favourite Dotter, Uncle and Dad

FD's grandfather and uncle visited us recently from Germany and we spent a weekend in the mountains having a good time. We went for walks, had nice dinners and just enjoyed each other's company.