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Monday, May 07, 2012

Rotarians acting badly

There are some great things about this convention.

There are also some bad things.  Mostly, logistics.

I understand it's hard to move 35,000 people around the city, and it's even harder to do so without tempers flaring.

Last night, we waited 50 minutes for a shuttle bus to take us to our hotel route bus.  We should have been waiting in a single line like at the bank, or airport.  Instead, we were in 7 thick, ragged line and as one group was let through the exit doors, that line shortened and newcomers filled it it and consequently got out before some of us who had been waiting a long time.

The university students had a hard time going nose to nose with aggresive, older Rotarians, who should have known better than to browbeat young kids into submission.  The kids held their own, but they should have had at least one adult to add some authority.

And the Rotarians should have behaved better. 

The whole event should have been organized better, but it wasn't and as a result, there will have been 9000 people (the number who bought dinner tickets to last night's event) who left unhappy.

It was 2 hours before we got to the hotel.


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