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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Adventure in Paradise

After our tour of Muan Borang, it's time to eat.

We're south of Bangkok and we're heading parallel to the ocean. We can't see it, but we know it's there off to our right somewhere and we're looking for a seafood restaurant on the water. Finally, Bob spots a connecting road and we whip across traffic (we drive on the let here). The road doesn't look promising except that it's going in the right direction, and it's very narrow. One lane only. There's an oncoming vehicle and Bob is hard pressed to find a place wide enough to squeeze over so the other car can pass. But we soldier on knowing the ocean isn't too far ahead. Rickety dwellings line either side of the street, close enough to touch. children dart in front and behind us clearly unused to seeing an SUV with 3 white aces. Finally we see the water. the tide's out and the exposed beach is covered with hundreds of bamboo poles sticking straight up out of the sand.d Hundreds.

Some folks are sitting near the end of the road and Bob asks if there's anywhere to make a u turn. apparently there is. We have to keep going. We make a 90n degree torn to the right, indeed the only way to go. There's nothing on the left. No road. It just drops straight down about 8 feet to the beach. And on the right, the road is scary.

Sharp, chunky rocks slope down on the let towards the exposed beach. On the right the cement road has eroded and broken of in chunks. In fact, those are probably the chunks we see on the left. Someone has kinds let a line of rocks about 6" to 12" inn from the jagged right edge, presumably a warning not to get too close to the edge lest it break off under the weight of our car.

No restaurant in sight. In fact, the alleged u-turn area isn't readily visible either. thankfully, not too far along we see a landfill on our right and with the promise of a more solid roadbed we skirt around the barrier on the dirt road for about 20 yards. There's a slightly elevated dirt road meeting us in a T-junction and we decide that while this was an exciting detour, we'd do well to try and pick our way back to the incoming skinny road with darting children and head back to where we started.

Dinner was great!

Just a few kilometres down the road we came to a long pier, the Bang Pu Recreation Center established for the Thai Army back in 1937. It has a restaurant at the end overlooking the ocean. Perfect. Dinner was Thai with lots o different tasty dishes and we even caught a glimpse of the ocean on either side of us before night dropped like an anvil. It gets so suddenly dark here it's like turning off the light.

And the grand finale to our full day was that the drive home, via a new route, took only scant minutes over 1 hour.


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