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Friday, December 07, 2007

Day 6, August 30: Villamajor de Monjardin to Viana (30 km; 6:35)

This is a beautiful part of Spain. Throughout the day there were numerous small climbs and descents interspersed with small towns and villages (Los Arcos, Sansol, Torres del Rio) where we could stop to rest or have a meal.

Photo 290: Iglesia de Santa Maria at Los Arcos.

We saw more and more vineyards as we gradually transitioned from the Basque region of Navarra to the famous wine-growing region of Rioja.

Photo 296: Looking west to Rioja, the premiere wine region in Spain. This is near the heights at Torres de Rio and you can see the vinyards spreading through the valley.

The weather was perfect for walking - a cool morning which gradually turned comfortably warmer under cloudy conditions.

Viana had a lovely albergue with a kitchen and dining area, but we chose to have dinner a local restaurant where they served an excellent menu de peregrino, including a good Rioja wine.


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